22310446_10159577595795533_6929996731558004884_nthis is me. @meljill

I’m a Canadian gal currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario. I’ve always been a “jack of all trades” type of gal so my writings are just that… a combination of all the pots my hands are in. My main vibe is Essential Oils, I am a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils and love spreading the Oil Love!

My other fave things to do are to trot the globe, workout, & jam to some good tunes. I have a crazy obsession for great food, strong coffee and furry four-legged friends! I love organization, and believe whole-heartedly in BIG dreams. I like a good party, which is why my birthday is never a day long but rather a month of celebrations!

I do all my adventures with my best friend & partner by my side, Bryan – you’ll hear me talk about him alot – he’s kind of my favorite thing about this life I live. We also do life with some amazing family and friends who I call our cheerleaders and you’ll hear me talk about them quite a bit too!

Thanks for visiting my site, I look forward to connecting with you!