Where I shop…

Here’s a look into where I shop… I usually shop in my pjs & slippers… no I don’t go to the mall dressed like a hobo but a perfect day to me is staying in the comfort of my home and shopping the day away! Happens once in a blue moon.
Leave me a comment about your favourite store too!

LIKEtoKNOW.it is a great fashion resource… if you use instagram already it’s a win win you! Just double you fave fashion bloggers pic and all the details get emailed directly to your inbox!

ZARA is definitely a quick & easy go-to place for me! I always love their fashion and their shipping is fast! Bonus is that when they have a sale, it’s actually a sale!

Nordstrom is my favourite place to shop at EVER . Why? Because it’s 1) a beautiful store! 2) the Customer Service is second to none! 3) they arrange your fitting room like a dream closet! They place pieces together for you that you didn’t even ask for… sidenote, I always think I walked into someone else’s fitting room because I’m like Hey! I didn’t ask to try this on?! But no, their just Nordstrom people doing Nordstrom things. *sigh*
Also, Nordstorm sells my favourite piece of clothing on the planet, a Free People thermal {the comfiest thing to ever touch your body!}

Lululemon is my go to for all my leggings & sports bras! If I could wear Lulu’s everyday I would! I love Lululemon’s hobo bag, its my laptop bag and my go to weekend bag – it’s very versatile and easy to carry! My go to leggings, are the high-waist Wunder Under’s 3/4 length is perfect!

Modcloth is great place to stop by if you’re looking for the cutest dresses. Also, they get mention because they have a full section for dresses with the pockets!!! Isn’t that the greatest thing ever?!?! Yes it really is! Dresses are fun but a dress with pockets is the greatest treasure ever.

Sunglasses anyone? I’ve had laser eye surgery son sun-sensitivity is REAL! Even 5 years later! But it’s a small price to pay for having 20/20 vision and it’s an excuse to buy cute sunglasses… way more often then I need. My latest obsession is DIFF eyewear.
I am super impressed by the craftsmanship and quality of their glasses. DIFF also runs a buy one, give one program. So every pair of glass purchased a pair gets given to someone in need – love that!!!



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