The Raven House – Gananoque, Ontario

The Raven House is a solar powered cottage tucked away in the forest of Gananoque. This was my first time going “off the grid” in a cottage. I’ve been camping a handful of times but this was different. #1 – we had a real bed! My hubby, Bry, is an outdoorsman to the max so this was nothing for him! He wanted to go in the Winter because he thought that would be more of a true off the grid experience and be more fun. I disagreed. Winter is hard enough, never mind having to wake up in the middle of the night to stoke a fire?!?! That stuff is for crazy people – haha – totally joking. It looks like it would be SO beautiful at The Raven House in the Winter and it is open all year round for reservations! However, our compromise was to go for our 9th wedding anniversary in September 2018. And it was pretty perfect!

Walking into the Raven House was half the fun for us!
The Raven House & all its beauty!
Being surrounded by nature was the perfect way to unplug for a few days! This view is right on the back deck! Most times there would be multiple Red Squirrels and Blue Jays fighting for the Sunflower Seeds! So Beautiful! We would spend so much time just watching the little creatures in their natural habitat.
This staircase leads you up to the loft… the cabin was nicely supplied with the guitar as well as colouring books and pencils, and essential oils!
The loft and bed area is what dreams are made of! You’re surrounded by windows which lets in the natural sunlight of the morning. The windows are screened in as well so you can open them and feel the forest breeze.
Looking down from the loft into the Kitchen area


We were able to take a quick day trip into Kingston as well since the Raven House is so close! It was Oktoberfest weekend in Kingston when we went so the downtown was EXTRA fun! WE joined in on the festivities, took the ferry across the water, drank some incredible coffee then headed back to our cabin for the night!


Did I mention the Raven House has a fire pit and you can make S’mores?!?! Now, you know the real reason I agreed to go off the grid! HAHA!

IMG_3735 (1).JPG

Overall this was a 10/10 weekend away! And for my first time going “off the grid” it was a true success! This weekend also gave us one of our favourite photos together! I leave you with this… XO!


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