Valentines week 101

I love celebrating anything and everything. Naturally Valentines is no exception! ❤️ Also, everything I celebrate is never just a one day affair. It’s more like a week or a month long of celebrations!

Valentines is cheesy and so much pink & red it could make you puke! I totally get it! But you could take this week to put a little bit of spice back into your relationship or marriage! 🔥

So here are my 5 tips to make your valentines week romantic:

❤️Leave love notes in random places: I love leaving notes on Bry’s bathroom mirror! You could also leave a note in their lunch bag or get up before they leave and put a love note in their car… So many places!

❤️Clean the snow off their car before they leave for work in the morning. Being Canadian this is the biggest act of kindness ever!! Haha!

❤️Start the others car before work in the morning. We’re in the middle of winter, with no sign of the snow stopping, so the car stuff is such a goodie right now!!

❤️Cook a special dinner like their favourite meal. Add a dessert on a work night. Why reserve the treats until the 14th?!

❤️In your partners valentine card write 5 reasons why you love them. This sounds simple (and cheesy!) but if you’ve been in a relationship awhile it’s good for the heart to remind each other why you’re still here. Tell your partner they have to write 5 reasons too! 

Have a FUN week of spreading the love! Let me know what gestures of love you do this week by leaving a comment below ❤️

2 thoughts on “Valentines week 101

  1. I love all of those! Such great ideas. I’m going to leave my hubby love notes in his lunch this week, his love language is words and it’s been aaaages since I’ve done the note thing, so I know he’ll love it ! Thanks for the ideas and reminder that a little goes a long way! Xo

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