Valentine Dates at home

Bryan and I have celebrated Valentines together for over 10 years. Some of my favourites have been when we stayed in and got creative with our Valentine’s night. So I thought I’d share some of our ideas with you!

Here are 5 at home date ideas:

  • Have a movie night in together with takeout, popcorn, candy and chocolates!!! I shared my favourite Netflix romantic comedies on my Valentine’s self-care blog post.
  • A fondue night at home. Your main course can be a meat fondue then followed by a chocolate fondue with strawberries, pineapple, and pound cake! Personally I’d skip the meat fondue and just hang out on the chocolate fondue but you do you boo!
  • Make your own pizza night at home. Make them in to heart shape pizzas! Pick your own toppings and also pick up some chocolate and marshmallows to make a desert pizza! Check out Pinterest for great ideas!
  • A spa night at home – yes your man will enjoy this!! Every man secretly loves to detox & relax. Pick up some easy sheet facials at Shoppers or Wal-Mart… they also have hand and feet masks. Be sure to cut some cucumbers up to place on your eyes. And relax the night away!
  • A Yoga night together; pick a video on YouTube and follow along with the instructor together. Stick to basic stretching ones if it’s a first! Now that you’ve cleared away all stress & distractions, write out reasons why you love each other and exhcnage notes to each other.

Did you know? Farmboy is doing take away dinners for Valentine’s Day! So if you don’t want to cook but want to stay in and still have a great meal check out Farmboy!

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