Winterlude 2019

It’s the last weekend of winterlude here in Ottawa! Have you been to Winterlude yet?

I finally got down there this week! And it reminded me of all the winter fun that is possible! Yes, fun in winter can happen!

This weekend we have a beautiful weather forecast for Ottawa (a forecast that does not consist of a bazillion centimetres of snow is beautiful)… so you should try to get down to Winterlude and check it out. Also, the fresh air felt amazing for my heat & soul! I hadn’t realized how cooped up I’ve been this winter until I spent a full afternoon outside.

We walked from Gatineau to Winterlude crossing the Alexandra Bridge – which is where you can get an amazing view of parliament and more! Shoutout to my work sisters for being on point photographers for me!

Our first stop was to the Byward Market. We looked at the ice sculptures in the ‘Crystal Garden’. My favourite ice sculpture here was the wonky Eiffel Tower:

Also in the Byward Market you will find an exhibit called Chimes, an Interactive Light & Sound Installation

This is something worth seeing at night as it lights up:

As said on; Visitors are invited to activate this set of chimes comprising more than 30 illuminated tubes and eight loudspeakers, triggering a transformation of the space through sound and light. 

Chimes refers to the concept of chaos theory; a small action has a bigger impact on its environment. Inspired by the scientific concept of strange attractors, a random disorder is set up thanks to 30 lights and eight loudspeakers that come to life at the slightest swaying of the chimes.

When we were finished touring around the Byward Market, we grabbed a Beaver Tail for our walk over to our next stop, the Rideau Canal! Pro tip: if you act like a tourist, other tourists won’t mind taking pictures of you! Haha!

A Beaver Tail is a must do! It’s the best pastry ever – I always get cinnamon and sugar. But there are sooooo many more flavours – Oreo, Maple, Skor…. etc! You can also buy these down on the Rideau Canal.

It was a perfect day for being on the canal, unfortunately we didn’t bring our skates with us but we still walked the canal for a bit! The ice seemed to be in good condition!

Skates, as well as, sleighs and safety equipment are available to rent down on the Canal. You can also store your boots with them for a small fee! All things Rideau Canal related can be found here:

We stopped on the Canal for some Taffy on snow too!

There’s Winterlude stuff happening on Sparks street, in the Glebe and as well as Jacques Cartier Park – that’s where Snowflake Kingdom is and the Ice Hogs are there too! For a Calendar of Events click here

Happy Family Day Weekend Ottawa!

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