5 ways to flourish

I wrote an instagram caption yesterday that sparked this quick little blog post.

It’s spring time! Whether it feels like it or not, it is spring. I recently went and picked up a ton of new plants and spent some time walking around a greenhouse – looking at beautiful things that were… flourishing!

It got me thinking… all these plants didn’t just bloom and flourish overnight. But they were actually flourishing inside a protected environment (the warm muggy greenhouse) while the outside elements of winter (snow, sleet, hail!) were happening!

How much can we relate this to our lives?!

Sometimes we think that in order to bloom and flourish the elements around us need to be perfect. When in fact I believe it’s quite the opposite. When life’s elements are the harshest, something most beautiful is getting ready to bloom inside of you!

So here are 5 ways to help you flourish:

1. Love yourself: everything in your life starts with loving yourself! If you want to flourish you must first start with loving you. Cut yourself some slack when you need it. Write yourself love notes (check out my Instagram for examples). Speak positively about you.

2. Cultivate your circle: We were never ever, ever designed to do life alone. We were created to do life together. Keeping with the garden theme, having a good trustworthy circle around you requires cultivation. You need to have a circle that cheers you on and motivates you to flourish. And obvs, do the same for them in return. Don’t be a cheer hog!! 😉

3. Be intentional: Know what areas you want to flourish in and write them down. Prioritize your goals and set out your intentions for them. Focus in on these and set aside intentional time, this way you’ll avoid wasting mindless minutes on tasks that don’t matter (ahem, social media). To do lists might sound old fashioned in 2019 but they still get the job done!

4. Express yourself: stop holding stuff in! If you want to flourish you have to let go of the bad & crappy stuff. Talk it out. Write it out. Heck, scream it out if you have to! Whatever you have to do, but release the negativity that is holding you bondage.

5. Love your brain: this is one of the main ways I personally flourish – I love my brain! I love the different ways I can expand it and challenge it: reading a book, finishing a puzzle, researching something or a place I don’t know about yet, etc. In our culture we’ve gotten so used to everything being automatic for us – doors, taps, toilets, cars, food; you name it, it’s automatic! We can literally go through a whole day practically brain dead! I know this because the other day I stood at a sink waiting for the water to come on so that I could wash my hands and it took me a minute to realize I had to turn the tap ON! Like whattttt?!??

But we have this amazing brain inside our head that’s just crying out to be used. Or the opposite might be true for you, you overwork your brain with fear, doubt and worry. In Dr. Caroline Leafs book, Switch On Your Brain, she says that, 75-98 percent of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. WOW! The brain is powerful and it deserves to be loved. Loving your brain will make you healthier and happier… scientifically proven!

If you are one that tends to keep your brain in fear or worry mode, I highly recommend Dr. Leafs book. It’ll be a game changer for you.

Dr. Caroline Leaf Switch On Your Brain Book

One thought on “5 ways to flourish

  1. I love plant shopping! And I agree – expressing yourself is so important, although it can be difficult sometimes.

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