A Saturday at the Ottawa Antique Market!

Bryan and I went to the Ottawa Antique Market last Saturday. And it’s been a minute since I’ve been and we had so much fun! They’re located at 1179A Bank Street and there’s parking!


We both have a love for old things that have been previously owned. We really cherish them and the stories and memories they carry!

“One of the things that attracts me to vintage and antique things is they have stories, and even if I don’t know the stories, I make them up.” -Mary Kay Andrews

I’m going to break this blog up into categories of my favourites, & interesting finds! Let’s get started!

Interesting finds:

This is such a beautiful piece! I love the colours in it, gorgeous eh?!
So many knick knacks around the store and this is a shelf of some cute ones.
This is a showcase of randoms but my eye was drawn to the box of Givenchy perfumes. My mom used to wear these so it was a nostalgic moment when I saw them.
A Michael Jackson canvas… I’d love to know the story behind this painting. I love the black and white components of it.
These 2 sailboats caught my eye because the skill and time that goes into making these is something to be admired!
Remember when we used to develop pictures? This hanging sign was another nostalgic moment!
A Ronald McDonald head?! Definitely falls into the interesting category! Haha!
I felt like this took me into a 1950’s garage!
This mirror was gorgeous, look at the frame at the bottom. And also this Rudolph reindeer coaster set was too cute!
This floor standing lamp is just interesting and has all the throwback vibes. My story of this piece was that it’s home was in a rich persons ski cottage surrounded by beautiful wood and fireplaces! Maybe even with the happy family singing and playing guitar like the picture on the lamp shade implies…


My go to place when I walk in to an antique shop or thrift store is to the vinyl records…

I found a Bryan Adams record here

I found a Mick Jagger record and an Aerosmith one in this batch

My second “go-to” is for typewriters. I LOVE everything about typewriters! And they had some beauties on display!

Look at this baby blue colour 😍

If this typewriter could talk I feel like it would have some real good stories!
This yellow & white spice rack had my heart! I almost bought it but then realized I don’t have space in kitchen so I left it there for it’s next owner ☺️
A pen vending machine?! Why aren’t these still a thing? I would be a HUGE supporter of these!
I loooove me a good ole classic Santa Claus!
This lamp though!!!! I fell in love with this piece!!
Pins with a message? I dig this!!
This shell chandelier is a work of art!! I can’t imagine what went in to the making of it!!
This jade elephant was beautiful!! I starred at it for a solid 3 minutes! 🙈 If I had an extra $400 he’d be mine!

I also adored this little fashionista section they had adorned by umbrellas…

I encourage you to frequent your local antique shops! You might be surprised what you can find!


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