Heartmelt Motel Event

So a couple weekends ago a few of my girlfriends and I made the trek to Bayshore mall in Ottawa to see their Heartmelt Motel event! Essentially it is a handful of photo areas for instagrammers to take cool caaaute pics! Because ya know, it’s 2019 and we’re totally vain like that! Haha!

Here’s the 4 of us in the fun ball pit! Whose taking the photo you ask? Jamie’s hubby 🙂

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite pictures from that night with you! HUGE shoutout to my girlfriend Sam for being the photographer extraordinaire that night (and always!!) She took photos of me and her 9 month pregnant sister Jamie (cutest pics!!) and my bff Jess was along for the ride and jumped in on a few shots but mainly was our purse and jacket holder extraordinaire! It takes a village people!!


aka shadows

This was a really cute setup but the lighting was no good here just causing shadows everywhere! But I still like this photo so had to share!

sprinkle wall

Sprinkle Some Magic

cotton candy room

the moo room

Jess jumped in here because let’s be honest, how can you resist a pink cow?!

Actually tbh, this was the most awkward room to pose in – like what do you do with a cow?! It provided some good laughs!!

melt some hearts

Basically my album cover LOL

ball pit

Now before we get into the pics I need to let you know that we worked SO hard to get our ball pit pics so we need some extra appreciation for these pics. I’m not saying we fought off little kids for these but I’m also not saying we didn’t. 😉

There may be kids at my feet … you’ll never know 😉

We really did have a blast! It was a fun setup and a great excuse to snap some pics! Also very cool that the Heartmelt Motel came to Ottawa!

Hope you enjoyed our pics!

Have a great rest of your week! XO!

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