5 things I’ve changed in 2019

Well it’s June (almost July) which means the first six months of the year are almost over! So much focus is put on starting the year strong but let’s switch our focus to ending the year strong.

So six months have past and your resolutions list is probably long lost and forgotten about. I give you an A+ for even writing a list. That’s the first step to goal setting: Visually seeing your goals. Small or large. Silly or influential. They all need to be written. When you see it with your eyes it gets engrained into your heart and mind. Then your mind begins to visualize it and your heart begins to yearn for it. This is key.

If you didn’t write goals out for the new year, do it now. Jot down the top 5 things you want in 2019. Could be to do’s, could be books to read, could be health goals, family goals, marriage goals, self love goals, the list goes on and on.


This resonated with me BIG time!! I shared a bit on an Instagram post about this but then it prompted me to write more. I found myself asking questions, why do we discount June but prioritize January? Why is January so much better then June or August? Does it really matter when you kick start? I think the point is more about kick starting rather then what month you do it in! But yet how many times have we caught ourselves buying into the lie of the world’s system that we’re failures because the first six months of the year didn’t live up to our expectations?!?! Then our unmet expectations keep us from actively pursuing what we want. When in reality, you could shake it off and decide to give it a go now! I guarantee you, if you have the tenacity to write out a list and action that list, you will see RESULTS!

Six months into 2019 and I’m not where I thought I’d be. Of course that could be discouraging …and it was for a minute. Until I turned my perspective around and thought, maybe I’ve accomplished stuff that wasn’t even on my list!?!? So I began to think, where have I changed personally? What results have I seen?? So I’m sharing with you 5 things I’ve changed in 2019 so that you can see your list doesn’t have to be high & mighty things all the time – I like BIG items on my to do list but there’s more to life!!! And I bet there’s things that you’ve accomplished in 2019 that you don’t even realize! That’s what happened to me.

5 things I’ve changed in 2019…

1. Focused tasks: I simplified my life. If I felt tasked with something that didn’t propel my vision, I got rid of it. I did this by learning to say “No”. This was an intentional item at the top of my 2019 list simply put, because I had to – Drs orders! It’s still a work in progress but SO much better!

2. Putting me first: ties into number 1. But actually doing things for me because I want to is hard for me. I didn’t write this on my list at the beginning of 2019, but because I was more focused this was a by product!

3. Not competing: ties into number 2. My life is all intertwined together haha! This one wasn’t written out but again when I focused on me and my self care and self love I didn’t need to compete with anyone except with who I was yesterday!

4. Not talking to talk! This was an intentional one for 2019: cut the gossip! As women we fall into the ditch on the daily! Just being honest, I wanted to cut it out of my life. I wanted to cut out listening to it and speaking it. If it doesn’t benefit me I don’t want to hear about it.

5. Living pain free: this was an intentional one. I wanted my body to work for me not against me. I’ve had several injuries and broken bones over the years and have suffered many side effects and quite frankly was sick of it! So I enlisted myself into treatment with specialists and Dr’s and demanded results! Alongside all the expertise, I focused my prayer life to my body and confessed daily that my body was perfect and whole. I manifested it into being!!! Six months into this and I’m so happy with the results. Not done yet but being better is a step in the right direction!!

I challenge you to write a list of what you want to accomplish for the rest of 2019 but then think about all that you’ve accomplished in 2019 – intentional or unintentional! I think you’ll be surprised!

Press on friends!



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