Thank you, next.

Yes this blog post is inspired by the chart topper Arianna Grande song. I’m sure the title made that clear, but I wanted you to be a 100% sure. Haha – sometimes the radio can teach you life lessons!

So many times in life we hold on. We hold on to hurts, success, relationships, the good and the bad. We hold on to it all.

But have you ever let something go and realize you have made room to allow something better to enter into your life?

[[[Enter “Let It Go” sung in the key of F by Elsa standing at the top of her ice castle… ok ok… getting side tracked here…]]]

Letting stuff go has been a huge life lesson for me in the past few years. For the most part I’ve learnt this the hard way but in some cases I was able to recognize it easier.

Obviously the first way I learnt about letting things go was the hard way. Isn’t that how it goes for us all?! Haha! I remember in my early childhood being absolutely shocked that I wasn’t accepted into the “cool girls” group. Little backstory for you… I was a country farm girl living in the city for the first time so I really didn’t realize that there were groups/posies/cliques …. I also had no concept that popularity was an issue. In my books, it shouldn’t be an issue but nonetheless it was. And I got hurt. It’s always surprising what little hurts can set in at such a young tender age. Even more so, it’s surprising how much those little hurts affect us when we’re adults because we never let them go.

Ouch? Or are you still with me?

I pray you’re still with me because I have hope for you at the end of this!

While the story goes on… I held on to hurts that happened to me a few more times over the years with friends or groups but especially when I went through my teenage years. Teenage years are fun eh? Haha! Jokes.

But I held on. Held on to the memories. Held on to the “whys?!” Even made excuses to why people weren’t nice or why people left my life. Sometimes I even held on to a broken friendship even though it was hanging on by a very thin thread. Then I swung the pendulum. I become hard and filled with attitude. I could snap back at any one comment anyone threw at me – didn’t matter your age. I became cold and decided I don’t need tons of people because really – what’s the point? People just leave my life like a rotating door.

Ahhhhhhhhh!! this was a huge danger zone in my life. Like flashing DANGER!! Signs and lights and I ignored every sign!!!

If you find yourself in this cold, isolated area of life my number one advice to you is: RUN!!! Get out of isolation as fast as you can. We were not created for isolation at all!! Isolation is one of the biggest trap’s affecting society today. Who we become in seasons of isolation affects us to our core. It filters everything you see, say and do. You can never be your true self in seasons of isolation. Social media makes people feel like they are not isolated when in reality they are all by themselves. Don’t let social media be your isolation. This topic could be a full post on its own but let’s move on… for now…

Ok, so what about adulthood relationships. We thought teenage years were fun, well adulthood can only get better right?! Haha… let’s begin with break-ups and broken hearts. We become not wanted again. We bury this hurt down deep inside of us and tell ourselves it’s fine and we move on and it happens again. And again. And again…

What about in the workplace? Went for that promotion and didn’t get it. Just not good enough, another common lie we tell ourselves. Or we make an excuse such as, “the timing just wasn’t right for me”, or “I’m actually glad it didn’t work out for me this time” – the lie we tell ourselves and others.

Why can’t we be just be honest? Be real?

Let’s face the fact that we are holding on to the lies that we’re not good enough. Or the lie that we’re not wanted. Or the lie that I deserved what happened to me. Whatever the lie is that your believing about yourself, I challenge you to get honest with it.

First step in letting go is being honest with YOU. If you can be honest with yourself you’re one step closer to letting these things go.

Have you ever moved on from a toxic friendship or relationship?

Thrown out your ex boyfriends sweater?

Left your job?

Changed schools?

Moved cities or countries?

Then you’ve already let go before, so you’re familiar with the feelings and the choices letting go offers.

Every time you let go of these things your future becomes more clear. You see things for what they actually were – not what you thought they were. This is when you start living.

I want to challenge you today to start honestly looking at these challenges in your life, letting them go and saying, “thank you, next.”

Let the next thing come.

Create space for it in your life.

I’ll never forget one night talking to my cousin on the phone, and I was downright complaining about my life.

She stopped me and said, “you have no space to allow new things in your life”

It changed my life.

It empowered me.

We are designed to create the life we want to lead. I truly believe that God has placed a destiny on the inside of us but the ironic thing is He also gave us a free will. A free will to choose how we live out our destiny.

Are you blocking your destiny and life purpose by holding on to unnecessary things from your past?

Let it go – thank you, next.

Holding on doesn’t always reference negative or bad things. It can actually reference good things.

Do you hold on to your accomplishments? Your accolades. Your promotions. Your successes.

Hate to break it to ya, but those don’t actually define you.

Sorry? #TrueCanadian

I’m proud of you. And I’m sure you’re proud of you. But let it go.

Some people hold on to their successes from 20 years ago. And I’ll be honest with you, if you didn’t succeed today – why? Because everyday is a gift and you should succeed everyday. But instead we measure success in huge unattainable measures.

Thank you, next.

Be happy with your now.

Be present in your present.

One tip to be more present: limit your screen time. I love Apples new feature that actually will turn your phone off if you’ve reached that days limit that you’ve set. Or the weekly reports that show you how much time you’ve spent staring at a screen. The first week that came out and I got my first weekly report I almost vomited. I was so disgusted with myself that I could’ve flushed my iPhone down the toilet!!! But it was SO good!!! It woke me up!!!

Life might not be what you thought it would be. It probably isn’t even close to it. But stop apologizing for your life.

Instead choose to design the life you want to live.

It’s okay to say NO.

You are enough.

You are capable.

You are destined for greatness.

So get after it.

Thank you, next.

I’ve linked a few resources available on Amazon that helped me with letting go:

-Rachel Hollis books:

Girl, wash your face

Girl, stop apologizing

Jesus Calling Devotional

Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge

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