10 things I’m thankful for

I’m Thankful for…

1. My health – thankful I get to wake up everyday with breath in my body and get the chance of living everyday.

2. My country – thankful to live in Canada! Even more thankful to live in the nations capital; everyday when I drive home from work I stare in awe at the parliament buildings and think how am I here?! Or driving across the bridge in the morning or evening the city skyline puts a smile on my face every. single. time.

3. My family – beyond thankful to have a family (local & extended) that I love more than life. Every time we have to drive for a visit, I don’t complain about the drive but rather think how thankful I am I have people to drive to. Count the days, they go by too fast.

4. My friends – I have a small tight knit group of friends who I hold so dear. The older & busier we get, the less we see of each of other, but I always know we’re in each other’s corners and have each other’s back regardless. So thankful for the friends who’ve turned into family.

5. My husband – a man that loves me unconditionally, puts up with my crazy, and spoils me beyond belief and gives me the life that dreams are made of… even on the darkest of days. He’s my rock.

6. My job – thankful to be where I’m at in my career. If you told me I’d be where I am 10 years ago I would’ve laughed and proceeded to tell you of my plans. But my plans were small, I’m thankful I didn’t limit myself. Who knew that I could turn my love of planes into a career – not me.

7. My faith – I’m thankful I live in a country where I can freely express my faith & I have freedom of speech. So many places in this world cannot do so. I count this as a blessing. Without my faith I’d still be stuck in my darkest day but I know that my faith has been my balance & my ground time and time again.

8. Nature & Creation – how amazing is this earth? Do you ever just let it take you over? Sometimes I get caught up in watching a leaf blow, or a caterpillar crawl or a butterfly float by me. Sometimes I stare up at a large tree or a rolling waterfall and think “wow!” Nature is such a reset for me and I’ll be forever thankful for everything God created for us. And cherish it, after all it is a masterpiece.

9. Creativity – I’m thankful to have creative outlets all over my life. I love to express myself through design, writing, photography, social media, and so much more! I’m thankful to have the capacity and capability to do so.

10. Donuts! Because donuts make me happy 😁 Duh.

Happy thanksgiving weekend! I hope you have a great weekend – hopefully a long weekend! Wherever it finds you I pray you take a minute and realize all the things you are thankful for! 🍂

One thought on “10 things I’m thankful for

  1. Amazing blog Melissa!!

    I’m thankful for my little family that God has blessed me with ….that’s Dad you Bryan and Diesel. ❤️

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