“I don’t do resolutions”

It’s true… I don’t make a list at the start of the year of all the things I resolve to do or be. I don’t write down all the things I’m going to accomplish. And I’m a gal that runs my life on organization, planners and calendars.

But write down resolutions? Nope.

It’s not that I never have. I used to when I was younger and naive, I would write down all my resolutions on the nicest paper with my favourite pen or sharpie. But I learnt something each passing year; those resolutions didn’t get checked off the list 100% and then all of a sudden the past 12 months felt like a failure because I didn’t accomplish my list.

My incomplete resolutions overshadowed the unplanned successes of my year. Which just isn’t fair.

So now I don’t write down any resolutions anymore because here’s the thing, I know where I am headed because I have vision. Vision is larger than any resolution that you could write on a list. So I challenge you today as you enter 2020: have vision & take action but toss the resolutions.

Toss the resolution to be kind and to eat healthier and to lose a dress size. Toss em!! Am I saying to not be kind? Not to eat healthier? Heck no!! Just be human and these things fall into alignment. You want to eat healthier? Cool, buy broccoli put away the candy. Wanna lose a dress size? Start being kind to yourself, taking care of you and loving yourself. Healthy habits always follow self love.

You see, you know how to do the things on your resolution list. You’re not writing ground breaking items on your list. (So sorry, if I burst your bubble – stay with me here) Everything on your lists, you know how to do, you know the steps to take. Think about, deep down – you know. And here’s the thing, maybe you write the same thing on your list year after year but you just don’t accomplish it. Because writing it on a list does not make it happen. The items on your list still require action from YOU.

Don’t be derailed over a list, just because it doesn’t happen doesn’t mean you’ve failed at life. It means that life took a curveball and went a different way – as life does. Ebbs and flows are what make up life, but it’s how you navigate those ebbs and flows that determines your success. I believe if your tied to a list and hyper focused on your list you will miss out on the abstract beautiful moments of life. Which I’ve learnt, are the best moments.

Here’s a key to life: Be a disciplined person and success will follow you. Take action with yourself and with your life. You deserve it. Don’t feel guilty about it – just do it. See Nike has had it right all these years! Haha

My point with all this is really saying, be a nice human and your life will go well with you. Have a solid foundation and the building blocks of your life will build up naturally. Take action and don’t procrastinate. Have discipline and have self love above all else.

Be a nice human to YOU.

Be a nice human to your circle.

Be a nice human to strangers.

Shower love everyday – even on the days you don’t like yourself. Even in the moments you eat the chocolate instead of the broccoli. Love yourself through it all. 365 days to love yourself.

It seems like such a simple message for the new year. And if I’m being honest I was originally going another direction to kick off 2020. But I’m honestly so tired of seeing people trying to achieve (or overachieve) life goals and fail then beat themselves up when in reality they’ve accomplished and succeeded in other ways. Secondly, I’m tired of seeing people not love themselves.

So if I can challenge you to take action to live your best life by being a better human than I think 2020 will be a win for everyone.

Here’s to 2020!

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