Sayulita, Mexico

How much do you love vacationing in the middle of the coldest part of winter?! For me, it’s probably my favourite thing ever. We’ve been vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico over the past few years and we absolutely love it! Prior to our most recent time going back to Puerto Vallarta I was researching the area to find new things to do. I came across the little village of Sayulita and my heart stopped. It was so beautiful in all the pictures and looked like it was filled with wonder and boho vibes. I was sold.

However, my inner thought was, it’s going to be nothing like the pictures. I didn’t want to be disappointed.

But I still told Bryan about it and then he started researching it, and then he was convinced we should go check this place out too.So finally that day was here.We hopped in a taxi from our resort and off we went! Vroom! Vroom! all through the twists and turns of Mexico roads. It was a solid 40 minute drive (don’t ask me what the taxi cost us!!). I still haven’t decided which roads are worse – Greece or Mexico?! Haha!We arrived to the village of Sayulita safe & sound. We got out of the cab and we were in the heart of Sayulita. We walked in the first little beach shop we saw and bought a large beach blanket and headed to the sand to chill and take in the beauty. We got out of the taxi on cobblestone roads walking past surf boards and beach huts. Once on the sand we were surrounded by sand, ocean, and mountains to each side. The surf was strong in Sayulita so tons of surfers were out catching waves!While taking in the scenery a candy man came by the beach selling candy from his candy cart. Like, cmon!!! How much better could life get?!?!There was also a man who came by selling fruit but guess what – I didn’t buy the fruit….Sayulita has tons of wall murals and art that just cries out for you to take your picture in front of it!This was the cutest gift shop ever in Sayulita!!! We found this cute nook in the back… You’ll see these type of shops every 2 feet! Everything is so beautiful. The shop owners are a dream to talk to as well. So many shops…I loved the markets as well. I bought more pom poms then I ever need but they’re my favourite things ever!The other best thing about Sayulita was the Churro cart! Yes, fresh homemade churros just calling out my name!!We stopped for some tacos – tripadvisor directed us to “the best tacos in Sayulita” which was at Mary’s. And yup, tripadvisor didn’t disappoint. Best tacos I ever did have!If you just thought, hmmmm looks like this restaurant is on the road… you’re right! It really is. Trucks go by inches from your table. Haha I loved that! Cause I knew I wasn’t in Canada – and that’s why I travel; to see how other places and cultures live life! Later on, we walked by a cute restaurant named, Su Casa, with live music and a chalkboard that said fresh guacamole! Next thing I know, we were sitting at a table eating fresh guacamole! It just drew us in!Honestly, you’re not going to find a cuter village then Sayulita. The food was outstanding. The people were so lovely. The shops were exquisite. The beach was a 7/10 {smelly in some areas and didn’t swim in the water due to the large surf & warnings of extreme undertow}. The flags hanging over Sayulita down every alley are the cutest things too!To wrap this up, if you get the chance to add Sayulita to your next Mexico trip, my words of wisdom to you are… DO IT!!! 😉


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