10 year Vow Renewal

On Saturday, September 14th we gathered with a handful of our closest people and renewed our vows in my parents backyard. It was a dream evening! We renewed our vows along a line of apple trees in my parents side yard with Pastor Rick sharing a message, prayer, and encouragement. Pastor Rick married us 10 years ago so it was special to have him be part of this 10 years later!! We had our friend Adam, read 1 Corinthians 13 from the Passion Translation of the Bible – it’s infamously known to be the love chapter so it was fitting. Then our friend Jessica (my BFF of 20 years!!) read a poem written for us by my cousin Eric’s fiancé, Marika. It was a beautifully fitting piece! Music was done by Jon; he sang Millionaire by Chris Stapleton & Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Pastor Rick gathered around our friends & parents as we stood in the middle of everyone and they prayed over us; another sweet moment. We wrote our own vows this time as we did not do that on our wedding and I always wish we had! But 10 years later and we have a lot more to talk about then we would’ve back then. Everything happens for a reason. We have been through countless ups & downs so renewing our vows was something that meant alot to both of us as we step into our next decade of love.

“10 years ago on our wedding day I vowed to love you in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, for better & for worse. 
Like most other girls I grew up dreaming of saying those words to my husband one day – just like those fancy girls in every other Hollywood film. We had our dream day and I got to say those words to you,
my husband. 
Fast forward 10 years and I have learnt the meaning
and the work behind those words.
And let me tell you Hollywood tells lies in their movies. 
Our road hasn’t been easy or like a Hollywood movie but it’s been the best road because I’ve walked it with you and you’ve walked it with me. 
Today, surrounded by the ones we love and the ones who support us, I want to recommit our promises to one another.”


Of course it’s not a party without good food. And Pinterest took over for this one! It actually all started with my mom texting me one day saying that she would like to do a charcuterie board for the vow renewal but not just any charcuterie… a candy charcuterie board! So we started looking on Pinterest and then I came across these grazing tables AKA a giant charcuterie board! Bryan and I love charcuterie so this was very appropriate for our celebration! Thankfully, our friends love it too! 🙂 So we spent an afternoon at Costco with my parents rounding up all the supplies. I spent months beforehand crafting the perfect grazing table shopping list, I will share that soon!

We are SO blessed that our friends are a bunch of talented hooligans! The cake was beautifully done by our friend Jessica. She owns an at-home baking business (@craftedsweetsbyjess on Insta) and the minute I told her I wanted to host a little party for our 10th, she belted out, “I’m doing the cake for you!’ It was a “naked cake” made with vanilla cake & lemon buttercream icing (my fave!). It was amazing! And she made it large enough to feed a small army so there were lots of leftovers – and the whole top tier is in my freezer! Haha! Thanks Jess!

Then the grazing table was brought together by my girlfriends, Hannah & Ashley. And they outdid themselves! Like honestly they came along side my vision for it and went above & beyond!! It looked better than all the Pinterest pictures that I ever showed them. Thanks gals!

To give the ladies some time to set up the food we played the classic Shoe game after our little service… You know the one where we each have to guess who does what (ie. Who is the most grumpy in the mornings? Who said I love you first?)


The people are what make the day so special! Many laughs were had and stories were shared that brought us down memory lane. Most of our friends here I have been friends with for 20 years and Bryan 17 years!! We couldn’t be more thankful for our circle. God has truly blessed us with the best friends and family. And we’re thankful they have stood by us in the hard times and the best of times. They have prayed for us when we needed it the most and kicked us in the butt when we needed it too (that’s what friends are for!) They’re love is unconditional, as is ours to them. I’m really thankful everyone prayed in agreement with us that it would not rain (that’s definitely what my dad is telling everyone in the photo below haha) – because we didn’t have a drop of rain!! The bonfire was a little smokey from the rain that morning but that’s ok!! And for the first time ever a spark from the fire flew at my lip and burnt me – the weirdest things happen to me – but I was okay with it cause it looked like I had Botox lips for like 10 minutes! Haha!



My girlfriend, Robin, did the photography and she went above and beyond! I told her, “just bring your camera and snap a few shots of the vow renewal.” Well here I am writing a full blog post filled with pictures!!! Haha! Because that’s who she is – always going above & beyond. I am so thankful she suggested for us to do a mini-photoshoot after we renewed our vows because these are some of my favourite photos!! Thank you so much Robin!! XO! (I wasn’t kidding when I said our friends are a bunch of talented hooligans!!)

“The love here is strong and wild.
It hosts miracles and
Blazes bright and skyward
Young, eager, and wonderous.
It will grow.
We will grow.”

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