5 Keys to being a more relaxed Mom

Hey gang! Melissa here, first of all I want to shout out a huge, Happy Mother's Day!, to all the amazing women out there being amazing moms! So many of my girlfriends are moms and I see a fraction of their lives and it is hard work! Y'all are winning at motherhood! Since I am [...]

Why Easter?

I started writing this on Palm Sunday; the day Jesus entered Jerusalem leading up to His crucifixion. As He entered Jerusalem the people welcomed Him by waving palm branches. Did you know that palms represent goodness and victory? It’s interesting to me that they welcomed Jesus with Palms [goodness & victory] as He entered the [...]

Hope by Mike Welch

Today's blog post is written by my Dad! A little bit about my Dad... I might be bias but I think he's the best! I've always looked up to him for his wisdom and he's always inspired me. He's the Pastor of Capital City Church in Ottawa where we've been for 20 years. He's travelled [...]