32 things I’ve learnt in my 32 years.

I’ve learnt that... 1. Aging is ok 2. Life is going to happen to me no matter what I plan out 3. Dreaming big isn’t something you only do in your teens 4. The good things in life take time 5. The best things in life take a fight 6. Who is meant to be [...]

10 things I’m thankful for

I’m Thankful for... 1. My health - thankful I get to wake up everyday with breath in my body and get the chance of living everyday. 2. My country - thankful to live in Canada! Even more thankful to live in the nations capital; everyday when I drive home from work I stare in awe [...]

5 things I’ve changed in 2019

Well it's June (almost July) which means the first six months of the year are almost over! So much focus is put on starting the year strong but let's switch our focus to ending the year strong. So six months have past and your resolutions list is probably long lost and forgotten about. I give [...]

Heartmelt Motel Event

So a couple weekends ago a few of my girlfriends and I made the trek to Bayshore mall in Ottawa to see their Heartmelt Motel event! Essentially it is a handful of photo areas for instagrammers to take cool caaaute pics! Because ya know, it's 2019 and we're totally vain like that! Haha! So I [...]

A Saturday at the Ottawa Antique Market!

Bryan and I went to the Ottawa Antique Market last Saturday. And it's been a minute since I've been and we had so much fun! They're located at 1179A Bank Street and there's parking! http://www.ottawaantiquemarket.com/ We both have a love for old things that have been previously owned. We really cherish them and the stories [...]

5 ways to flourish

I wrote an instagram caption yesterday that sparked this quick little blog post. It's spring time! Whether it feels like it or not, it is spring. I recently went and picked up a ton of new plants and spent some time walking around a greenhouse - looking at beautiful things that were... flourishing! It got [...]

Friendship 101

I love friendships, relationships and simply just love getting to know someone. There’s not much else I enjoy more than sitting down with someone and hearing their life story for the first time. If you know me, you know this to be SO true. I will soak up every detail of your life – every [...]

Hope by Mike Welch

Today's blog post is written by my Dad! A little bit about my Dad... I might be bias but I think he's the best! I've always looked up to him for his wisdom and he's always inspired me. He's the Pastor of Capital City Church in Ottawa where we've been for 20 years. He's travelled [...]


I love all Mexican food but I realllllyyyyyy love Guacamole! It's so worth the extra $1.25 anywhere! 😉 Ya know why? Because I didn't have to stand at the grocery store bin testing and pushing each avocado to find the perfect one. True avocado lovers will understand that struggle. Also, true avocado lovers will appreciate [...]

Winterlude 2019

It's the last weekend of winterlude here in Ottawa! Have you been to Winterlude yet? I finally got down there this week! And it reminded me of all the winter fun that is possible! Yes, fun in winter can happen! This weekend we have a beautiful weather forecast for Ottawa (a forecast that does not [...]