32 things I’ve learnt in my 32 years.

I’ve learnt that... 1. Aging is ok 2. Life is going to happen to me no matter what I plan out 3. Dreaming big isn’t something you only do in your teens 4. The good things in life take time 5. The best things in life take a fight 6. Who is meant to be [...]

Friendship 101

I love friendships, relationships and simply just love getting to know someone. There’s not much else I enjoy more than sitting down with someone and hearing their life story for the first time. If you know me, you know this to be SO true. I will soak up every detail of your life – every [...]

Valentine Dates at home

Bryan and I have celebrated Valentines together for over 10 years. Some of my favourites have been when we stayed in and got creative with our Valentine's night. So I thought I'd share some of our ideas with you! Here are 5 at home date ideas: Have a movie night in together with takeout, popcorn, [...]

Mini Valentine Frittatas

I love making heart-shaped anything the week of Valentines! Why not be a total cheeseball right?! So I made these crustless-dairy-free mini frittatas in silicon heart shaped moulds from Wilton! You can buy them at Michaels or Wal-Mart. You can make them in non-heart shaped silicon moulds but they obviously taste a little less good [...]

Valentines Self-Care 101

Valentines isn't just for couples - whhhhattttt??!?!?! It's true! If you're single take time to care for yourself this Valentines! Don't let the day get you down! Spoil yourself a little ❤ You can do these 5 ideas by yourself or with some girlfriends for a Galentines night! 5 Self-care Valentine ideas: ❤️ Give yourself [...]

Valentines week 101

I love celebrating anything and everything. Naturally Valentines is no exception! ❤️ Also, everything I celebrate is never just a one day affair. It's more like a week or a month long of celebrations! Valentines is cheesy and so much pink & red it could make you puke! I totally get it! But you could take [...]